Plastic: Reducing Your Consumption

PLASTIC. It's grim, but with a few additions in our bags every day, it can be avoided.

Virtually every piece of plastic ever to be made still exists in some shape or form, and we manufacture over 300 million tonnes of it every single year. Only a fraction of it ends up being recycled, and it can't biodegrade it can only photodegrade, meaning it breaks down into thousands of tiny fragments and ends up in our soil and in our oceans - killing wildlife, poisoning ecosystems, causing pollution and health issues, and exacerbating climate change. Millions of tonnes of plastic are now floating in our oceans, and each piece can last for up to 1000 years. 

How much are we contributing to this problem through our consumer choices? How many plastic water bottles, single use coffee cups, plastic knives and forks and food packaging do we use whilst on the go on a weekly, even daily basis? 

When I started to keep track of how much plastic I was getting through, I quickly realised how how unnecessary an amount it was. With a few small purchases, I've managed to cut it down drastically. Reducing your plastic consumption is easy, and will save you money in the long run. Staying sustainable on-the-go in the city can be challenging, but if you keep these 5 items to your bag, you'll instantly reduce your contribution to the plastic problem -

1. A stainless steel water bottle such as Swell or Klean Kanteen

2. A biodegradable coffee cup such as Ecoffee

3. A stainless steel knife and fork from your kitchen drawer

4. A stainless steel or up-cycled glass food container

5. A reusable tote bag


Plastic is only produced to satisfy a demand. Let's opt for reusable and planet-friendly alternatives instead.


Picture Credit: Noel Celis via Getty Images

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