Warrior I - Virabhadrasana I

For those of you who’ve been to my classes, you’ll know that I often bang on about this – As the name would suggest, a warrior is meant to be STRONG. Strong foundations in BOTH feet, and both legs.



·      Back toes turned out/parallel to the back of the mat

·      Outer arch of the back foot lifting and inner arch collapsing, because of a) the above, or the stance between both feet is too wide

·      Front knee too far back or too far forward

·      Hips unsquared

·      Pelvis unstable, lower back bananaing (yes, I think I just made up a word)


One of the biggest misconceptions with this pose is that we think we need to have the front thigh parallel to the floor. It might look ‘better’, but it 90% of the time it prevents us from truly feeling what we’re meant to be feeling in the pose.



·      Align the back heel to the inner arch of your front foot, and turn your toes forward to 11 o’clock

·      Press down through the outer arch and big toe of your back foot, and lift the inner arch –PADA BANDHA on

·      Front knee stacked directly ontop of front ankle to keep the knee safe

·      Square off the hips - front hip back, back hip forwards

·      Lengthen the tailbone down, draw the belly back away from the front thigh, pelvis neutral


Try it, and see how much better the stretch feels for your back calf and hip flexor, and how much more stable you are holding the pose.